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Create your trans healthcare guide

A personalised supporting document to accessing HRT and other transition related services through your GP.

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My current status

This section covers areas of healthcare relating to your current circumstances, choose the relevant option to add to your document.

Why are you asking about my address and ID?

We ask you if you have a fixed address or identification to add a section to the document clarifying that you are entitled to access healthcare from a GP without any proof of address or identification

Why are you asking my age?

The NHS won't normally prescribe to those under 16, and current NHS protocols do not allow for prescription of puberty blockers, these are still available privately.

Medication Status

This section contains options regarding what your current medication status is, in regards to HRT.

What I need from my GP

What is a shared care agreement?

Check out our faq sheet for info on shared care.

Which private provider is right for me?

When choosing a private provider, GPs are much more likely to work with a specialist who is based in the UK, and registered with the GMC. Check out this resource from Gender Construction Kit to help decide on the service that is right for you.

Why is the bridging prescription greyed out?

If you need a bridging prescription, the GMC and NHS require that transgender people are self-prescribing, or likely to self prescribe hormones.

How can I continue with HRT when migrating to the UK?

It is highly recommended that you obtain a letter from your previous HRT provider, if you need help deciding the contents of this letter, check out this letter template.

Service referrals and letters

Which Gender Identity Clinic is right for me?

All GICs have requirements on who can be referred to them (based on age and location, and if they're accepting referrals). Check out this resource from Gender Construction Kit to make sure the GIC in question is the right choice for you.

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Your details are not stored by us or used by us for any other purpose than populating the template and returning your personalised document. PDF generation makes use of a 3rd party API to generate the document.